Full Service Solutions

Our consultants pride themselves on being able to work on multiple systems, with multiple data sets, and providing a simple solution for end users and management to view data and make decisions.  We can work with systems in a state of change, systems that have lived out their useful lives, and new systems being added to the ecosystem.

Whether you just purchased a new company and are allowing them to stay on their current system or want to migrate them over to your system, we can help.  We can also migrate them over to your current system, migrate their data into a separate area of your reporting solution and end-of-life that old system.

Master Data Management can be a chore for growing companies that are acquiring new companies.  We can help consolidate your Master Data environment so that it is consistent for all of your companies.

What we can do for you



We can set up an ecosystem that will display beautiful charts and graphs and make data meaningful to you.

  • Display Analytics
  • Data Architecture Planning
  • Build Queries for your Current Situation
  • Visually Layout your Data
  • Assess your current situation and make adjustments


Creating and Managing your Data Environment is critical to make sure data is Relevant, Accurate, and Timely

  • Data Modelling
  • Design Implement and Support DataWarehouses
  • Data Load Monitor and Support
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Consolidation
  • Big Data Modifications to existing systems
  • System Data Migration for System End-of-Life


With Analytics comes insights.  Get to know and understand your business through your data.

  • Set up Display, Predictive, Discovery and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Reverse Engineer ETL Code and make updates
  • Review and Consolidate Master Data
  • Review ETL processes and suggest improvements


Data on the Cloud is accessible to whoever you like whenever you like and on whatever device you plan to use.

  • Migrate Data to a Cloud-based Environment (Azure/AWS/Google)
  • Design new environments on the cloud and integrate with legacy data sets
  • Install new reporting tools to access cloud based data

Business Process

Sometimes you are not capturing the correct data in your process or your analytics have told you that process changes need to be updated.

  • Assess current processes
  • Set baselines for current processes
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Increase process efficiency using KPI's and data
  • Automate critical processes


Projects need to be managed to keep folks working in the same direction and moving forward.

  • Project Scheduling
  • Determine Requirements
  • Document Processes
  • Project Design, Execution and Management
  • Create and Implement Test Strategies
  • Training
  • Team Building, Mentoring and Collaboration
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Post Deployment Support

Let us help you!