Projects Completed

Cal State Maritime200h
Cal Maritime Academy

Conducted an Assessment of their IT systems and presented results the the President and his staff.

Navy League of the United States

Our team conducted a data migration from a Microsoft's CRM Analytics to a Blackbaud Raiser's Edge system.  This tiny non-profit organization got in over their heads and needed to downgrade to a system they did not need to manage.

The team took on side projects such as data cleansing and conducted some Business Process Reengineering to help the client out.   We also took some time out to adjust the culture of their workers so that systemic expectations would be understand and standard operating procedures would be communicated and validated.

newport logo
Newport Corporation

Implemented a number of data architectures including A/R, A/P, Variant Configuration, and converted an Essbase Planning Database into a Planning Infocube.  On three of the projects, our team managed the project and conducted all of the work.  We came in ahead of schedule and under budget.

We also took on several techinical activities such as building ABAP Function Modules to handle data items such as Fiscal Week Conversions, Bad Character Identification, and dropping files into the file system to alert Business Objects that data loads were completed.

Comcast NBCUniversal

We went in and modified their Flexible Employee Data Architecture.  This was a large infoset.  We added in Disability data to infoset and Business Objects webbi that was used to report on the data.  Likewise, the data architecture needed to be updated to include new infotype data.

We were also tasked with trimming down some of the data loads so that they could initiate data loads in three regions (America's, Europe, and Asia).  We trimmed 2 hours off the chain and ran the chain 3x daily.

We also went in and added a reconciliation datasource and data architecture for infotypes 0 and 1.  We compared our data to the standard extractor to make sure data being reported in BW was in sync with data in ECC.

warnerbros logo
Warner Bros.

Worked closely with Warner Bros. employees and CapGemini Consultants.  We took on the challenge of the BWA (Accelerator) and made sure Project Cosmos data was compatible with the BWA. The team also managed A/R, FSCM, and CRM Billing data extractors.

St. Jude Medical

Team had a dual role of Implementing Financial reports on production processes for the CardioVascular Division and worked with Basis to reduce database growth/size.  We took on the challenge of reducing a 2 1/2 hour 0mat_plant load time and were successful in reducing load time down to 30 minutes.  That allowed the company to conduct specific data load for each major timezone.


Team was in a sustaining role and worked with the Development Team to ensure proper transition of projects from Development to Production Support.  Team also maintained objects in production which included so large controlling data sets (10M records per month).

Becton Dickinson

Staff Augmentation where we took on several tasks.  The main task was to convert a Made-to-Manage ERP system into BW to end-of-life the system.  In addition, our team also re-architected the COPA flow to add in a Staging Area andhelped develop naming conventions and work standards.  We also conducted some hands on training sessions and demonstrated how to pull Variant Configuration data from SAP ECC to BW.

Atlas Van Lines

This was an SAP Business Warehouse 7.0 project to report capacity and order information within 5 minutes of being updated at any terminal across the country.  We used Realtime Data Acquisition extractors and SAP Process Integration (PI) to pull data from a custom SQL Server database called Transport Management System.  The project included all aspects of pulling data out of SQL Server and into PI and BW.  Backend objects were created on the BW server to facilitate reporting updates to the BW frontend.  7.0 was new and in it's early stages of development.

Our Team of four implemented the SAP portion in 2 months.

Applied Biosystems/Applera/Life Technologies

Multi-phased project which implemented Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Production Planning and Human Resources in a Business Warehouse 3.5 environment.

Our team took an over budget, past due project and put it back on track and delivered phase I on time with three months remaining on the original schedule.

Energy East

Project focused on creating a schedule and plan of execution for upgrading a Business Warehouse 3.0 system to BW 3.5 or BI 7.0.


Two and a half month implementation of Inventory Management with some heavy customization.  Added customized costing data to the inventory data to more accurately describe inventory carrying costs.


Created multiple queries and displayed data in several linked web pages and Crystal Reports.


Query/Front end Support Role


Set up, define, and implement BW 3.x Test Requirements, Scenarios, and Resourcing. Support Test Processes after implementation.

Implemented custom accounting scenario for a specific application reporting into several Vice Presidents. New techniques saved the Controlling  30 hours of effort.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Implemented and Supported the following modules in Business Warehouse versions 1.2b through 2.1c: Controlling (CCA), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Project Systems, Funds Management, and Human Resources. Created the first BART to San Jose Budget Report in the BW.